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Inquire about options of High Efficiency water heaters. Whether you need a tankless, solar or a hybrid water heater, ground breaking designs are part of a new era in water heating.

Lagana Maintenance Plans

An unwanted repair bill is the last thing anyone wants. We offer our Lagana Maintenance Plans, in order to give our customers peace of mind. This is our way of offering protection, scheduling of precision tune-ups, and safety checks. We like to give our customers the assurance they need, from a quality company.

Lagana Member Benefits:

Peace of mind: We will assure your home system is safe and working properly. But when something goes wrong, we're only a phone call away.

Protection: It is imperative to have us available during an emergency situation. We place our Lagana Maintenance members first, knowing the expectations they have from the services offered.

Scheduling: Our Lagana Maintenance members are our first priority. We put our maintenance customers ahead of non-maintenance customers.

Precision tune-up: We provide all of our Lagana Maintenance members with an annual precision tune-up on each piece of covered equipment. This helps prevent expensive prepares and inconvenient breakdowns. In fact, our tune-ups can help save you up to 10% on your energy bills.

Safety: Safety is our #1 priority.

Contact us by calling our office at 315-331-2782 or 315-331-3580 and ask for a member of the service team.